SHOW 2015 will be Astonishing!

Adults - $14 per day
Pensioners - $6 per day
High School children - $6 per day
Primary School children - $3 per day
Family Pass - 35.00 (2 adults/ 3 children/ 2 days)


FMX Kaos International freestyle team is the first original and fastest growing freestyle motocross team in Australia.
The team is on such a roll, has performed over 1500 shows around OZ and overseas. Over the past 12 years the team has constantly pushed the limits to bring the spectators the craziest tricks possible.
The Kaos crew pride themselves on being the innovators and always bring something new to the show. Fmx Kaos built the first ever Portable landing ramp on the back of a Bus worldwide, set up time of 5min and professionalism second to none in Australia.
As a team we have some of the most professional and experienced riders in the World. Such riders perform at X games , Nitro Circus tours worldwide, also the Crusty Demon tours. Michael "Chucky " Norris has travelled the world performing Freestyle Moto X on the biggest stages, from X games 2014 to travelling worldwide with the Nitro Circus tours, as well as the Crusty Demon tours years ago.
Michael Norris is one of the most consistant, international riders in the Country. He is known for his huge tricks such as the Rocksolid, Double Heart attack, Look Back ruler, No handed Catwalk and last but not least the Craziest trick ever performed on a motorcycle called the Backflip, also Chucky's extension and crazy execution with his tricks is second to none in the Country, an experience not to be missed.
The Newcastle resident has been an Fmx Kaos rider for the last 4 years, and has never failed to provide a world class performance, which leaves the crowd in total aw of what can be performed on a motor cycle.

Fmx Kaos will be performing at the Gatton show 19 of July. Don't miss out on the Craziest freestyle show, with one of the best riders in the world. You really don't want to miss this. Fmx Kaos and Chuck Norris have something special in store the Gatton patrons.
See you there, come say Hi, catch up with Michael "Chucky " Norris, get an autograph, some Kaos hats, shirts, stickers. Come check it out !!!!!!

Ray Hunter

No.025 Supreme Champion Ram won by Lyndon Frey from Inglewood with his Poll Dorset Ram 
No.022  Supreme Champion Ewe won by Cleveland S.H.S. with their Suffolk Ewe 
No.023. Line of Rams for interbreed judging for the Supreme Ram  No.019 Supreme Breeders Group won by Josh Milton Allora with his White Suffolks

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