2016 The 100th GATTON SHOW

Adults - $14 per day
Pensioners - $6 per day
High School children - $6 per day
Primary School children - $3 per day
Family Pass - $35.00 (2 adults/ 3 children/ 2 days)

P.I.C.  QGAT 1412 / Required for the transporting of livestock.

This year we are excited about celebrating our 100th Show. 

This year we are striving to bring the people of the Lockyer Valley the best show ever!  While we always dig deeper each year to improve on what we have done the year before, we are committed to bring you something special this year.  
Bigger and better, with a good reflection of our past as we are proud of what we have achieved in the past 100 shows.    

This year is all about the Lockyer and what we have achieved here in the Valley.  Of course we will still have all our family favourites.  While the in the early stages of the Night Programme it promises to be HUGE. 

Not sure exactly what President Keith has planned or how he is going to top Roof Top Express stealing the show with a proposal!!! 

Merrick Ubank the proud winner of the Boral Grand Prix 

Opening of 2015 Gatton Show by Lieutenant Col. Michael Thomas.

Saturday Night Entertainment